Winter Round Two.

For the past few days in Los Angeles, it has been super cold. Definitely not east coast cold, but colder than it usually is during February. A coworker of mine says it's because of the cold fronts coming from Alaska. We have wind coming from ALASKA! How cool is that? No pun intended.

Anywho, since last year or so, I've been saying to my boyfriend how I really want one of those sporty, poofy jackets. The ones that make you look about 15 lbs. heavier. Whenever I see people wearing them (i.e. my boyfriend) they look so incredibly warm. The only jackets I have are fashion jackets, coats, or hoodies. I want a "The North Face" type of jacket that has like goose feathers in it or something. Haha, or something that keeps the heat insulated close to my freezing body.

The only thing is that they're soooo expensive. I went to Marshall's today, hoping that many of them would be on sale since we're quickly approaching spring. However, they only had 3 regular priced Calvin Klein puffy jackets in hot pink or orange. I loved the hot pink--it definitely is eye catching. It was in a size small, which fit perfectly. As I was getting all excited and preparing myself to shell out $70 (half the price of retail), I noticed that all three jackets had a bizarre, almost denim like stain on the sleeves. I didn't want to risk buying it and the stain not coming out.

I am still on the hunt for a good quality sporty, puffy jacket without the $200 pricetag.

Sidenote: The correct term for the jacket is "puffer jacket." But somehow puffy jacket just sounds cooler. Haha.

Image Sources: Down Jacket Retail, Pette Coats

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