Makeup Amigos.

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to attend The Makeup Show Los Angeles, where I finally got to meet my YouTube friends, Sarah & Connie (OnleeAmore, cyexquisite). We all had been talking through Kakao Talk for the past month about this long awaited show, and it finally happened! Sarah and I even go back to last year where we had been planning for a long time to meet or even double date, but timing just never worked out. I was so happy to meet these girls, learn more about the professional makeup industry, and also to shop. Shopping is always fun! I definitely think these friendships are special. It's not everyday you meet someone that loves beauty & fashion and talks about in front of the camera they way you do!

At The Makeup Show I had to make sure I stopped by the very large Nars booth. I picked out an eyeshadow duo in Earth Angel as well a well-known blush in Deep Throat. The Nars booth was so incredibly busy that they somehow forgot to give me the blush I had ordered. Which I was bummed about, but it's okay--saved me some money! The eyeshadow I picked up is a beautiful taupe paired with a frosty military green. I am so excited because I have a ton of neutral shades in my collection, but I do not have anything green toned. Below is a swatch of the shadows in natural lighting.
The colors are incredibly blendable and they both go very well with my Urban Decay Naked Palette. Which is my all time favorite palette.
Today, I treated myself to some coffee. I was just having one of those days where I knew I needed a pick me up! I'm wearing the shadow in the picture, but it's really hard to tell. AND I'm also wearing a hoodie...talk about "one of those days." Hehe!
Cheers to new friends!
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