L'Oreal Stained.

It's always dangerous when I find myself roaming the beauty section of drugstores. I tell myself that I definitely don't need anymore makeup, and that I should use up all of the products that I have at home. BUT, it's just so difficult to resist!

I found myself perusing the L'Oreal section at my local Rite Aid. I originally got trapped into that section because my mom needed me to buy her a new mascara. When I saw that L'Oreal was having a Buy One Get One 50% Off sale, I validated to myself that this was the perfect reason for me to finally try the L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Aqua Laquer Lipgloss (lipgloss stain) that I had been eyeing for the past couple months.

I debated between trying Coral Tattoo or Pink Rebellion. However, Pink Rebellion was sold out, so I opted for Coral Tattoo. Of course, as always I swatched it in my car and even applied some before running into work. I definitely have to say that I like the product; it does have a weird texture when first applied, but it's nothing I can't live past. As far as the color, it's 10% coral and 90% red, at least on my lips. The stain looked like a vibrant red, but when I applied it the next day with a thinner coat, a slightly more coral shade showed.

As much as I know I shouldn't buy more lip products, I really want to pick up Pink Rebellion and Rose On And On. I definitely love my pink shades! And how perfect would they be for the summer!