I Curled My Hair!

I've been posting videos on YouTube collectively for about a year and half now! I mainly post beauty & fashion videos. I've posted everything from makeup tutorials to outfit of the days, but I've never posted a hair tutorial!

I've always been a little self-conscious about my ability to do hair. I definitely don't think hair is my area of expertise, it never has been. Since I was young, I never really knew how to braid (I still can't do a french braid for the life of me!) or to do any crazy hairstyles. I was quite the tomboy and always wore my hair in a ponytail.

One of my subscribers on YouTube asked me to show how I get my big wavy curls, so I thought it was due time for me to share!

Side note: I am at work and I am so hungry!...I'm always hungry. Haha!

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