Love Sick.

I want to film a makeup tutorial video sooooo badly. As you read in my previous post, I've been sick for the past week. The thought of sounding like a pre-teen boy does not sound attractive to me at all. Today marks the first day of feeling better! I plan to film a Valentine's Day Look for my YouTube channel! I have been playing around with shade colors as well as asking my boyfriend a lot for his opinion.

I wore the makeup look today and received three compliments already! I'm going to try my best to have the video up by Friday!

Side note: when it's chilly outside my teeth hurt. Am I the only one?

Image Credit: Deevine1217's Blog


  1. Replies
    1. Yay! Thank you! The video is uploading now!

  2. excited to see a make up look that gets compliments so often :)) hihi!

    1. Hi! Hi! Hi!
      Thanks so much! I was excited to film this look. It's super duper simple and natural looking. (: