Truly Sexy Red.

Like I promised myself, I went back to Target today and picked up another Covergirl Lip Perfect Jumbo Gloss Balm. This time I opted for a far more daring color than my normal pink shades. I haven't worn red lips in--wow, I can't even remember the last time I put red lipstick on! Scarlet Twist 250 is a beautiful true red. When I first swatched it, it was an orangey red...which sort of took me by surprise (not in a good way). Then I swatched a second layer and VIOLA! Beautiful!

On my lips, I applied about three layers to build a vibrant red. I think on those days where I want just a splash of red one to two layers would do. I love that these Jumbo Gloss Balms are so buildable.

There's just something so classy about red lips, it reminds me of the old Chanel ads I used to love in fashion magazines when I was young. Although red lips are super classy, there's also something so daringly sexy about them. I feel like every woman should experience that sexiness that exhutes from having a good red lipstick or in my case "gloss balm" on!
Which one do you think looks better? Hehe! I can't decide, I love them both.

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  1. This looks so lovely on you! : ) I think I'm going to drop by Target tomorrow to pick up one or two!