On With The Healthy.

I've been pretty bad this week with the numerous times I ate out. Although, I do try to opt for healthier eating choices when I go out to eat at restaurants. I will admit though that I love the occasional bowl of pasta, side of fries, and even sometimes a sangria. Hehe.

However, with all of the indulgence this week, I wanted to make my boyfriend and I a healthy lunch after church. We conjured up a delicious stir fry composed of broccoli, yellow bell peppers, onions, carrots, fish cakes, and tofu with brown rice on the side. It was so so so yummy!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I finally got around to filming a beauty video for my YouTube channel. The video is on my recent acne skincare routine--something that was highly requested. This week I'm going to try my best to film 1-2 videos! Oh, I also bought a few things in a recent hangout session with my friend, Jenna! I'll probably either do a video or blog about it soon!


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