I Am What I Eat.

Today, my boyfriend and I met for a random lunch date. With our busy schedules, we try to squeeze in as much time to see each other just to stay sane. In indulgence we smothered our faces into our In-N-Out burgers. Oh, so good!

For the past two weeks I've been consistently drinking green smoothies every morning and night. Not only do these smoothies taste great, but they also do an amazing job in detoxifying your body. I saw the improvements in my skin. However, there were a couple days that I skipped, and found my skin feeling the lack of nutrition. Today was one of those days. I think it's really important to eat and drink healthy! Our bodies need nutrients and lots of water. If we deprive our bodies of that, it will definitely physically show.

I am definitely back on track--I can't wait to drink my smoothie tomorrow morning!
If anyone is interested in recipes, let me know!


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